Passionate about business AND art?

…And yet your artist side always gets shafted in favor of business?

If you’re an ArtistCEO, it isn’t easy to keep your artist alive - it’s non-negotiable.


Hello, ArtistCEO.

As a business owner passionate about your work, it can feel undoable to also give adequate fire to your artistic life. 

But you must. And you know it.

(That’s where we come in.)

We’re Shannon & Kerri - your tough-love mentors in making business and art play nice.

We've seen firsthand that when you refuse to feed your artist, it bites you in the ass. Business burnout, depression, or a total existential crisis accompanied by a heaping pile of regret are all too common side effects of a condition we call, Starving Your Artist Syndrome.

We started ArtistCEO because our souls needed to find a way to make business and art live in harmony, a journey we document on ArtistCEO podcast (launching November 14th!). We also share what we’ve learned about making business and art play nice on instagram and at workshops and performances.

Find out if you have Starving Your Artist Syndrome and sign up for our free email course, Harness Your Artist, so you can stop avoiding the deep work and end the week truly satisfied. (coming soon!)


Shannon DeJong

Founder & CEO, House of Who

Actress & Performance Artist


Kerri Lowe

Founder, KAYLOcreative

Poet, Storyteller, Songwriter



Shannon DeJong is a CEO. She’s also an artist. These two things are not mutually exclusive - however, they are extremely difficult to pull off. At the helm of her quickly growing San Francisco naming and branding agency, but equally passionate about performance art and acting, Shannon has been feeling like a woman divided.

Host Kerri Lowe, (an aspiring ArtistCEO herself) documents Shannon's journey as she attempts to integrate her two selves (her "artist" self and her "professional" self) in order to become one self - an ArtistCEO. Listen in to enter the mind of a newly-minted CEO doing business sans MBA...but with a background in performance art and Zen Buddhist philosophy.

Part narrative documentary, part performance art, part live-your-values kick-in-the-pants - ArtistCEO is the real story behind what it takes to make business and art play nice.