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First, a little backstory:

ArtistCEO began in 2016 as a project to capture Shannon’s journey of integrating her “business self” and her “art self.” At the time, she was using two totally different names, one for business, one for art, but wondered if it was possible to be seen as both and still succeed. She also wondered if it was even possible to do both at all without burning out or going crazy.

Kerri and Shannon had the idea that she could start recording audio diaries to capture her journey of this central question: Can business and art live in harmony?

Kerri helped Shannon turn the audio diaries she was recording into a podcast - and they quickly discovered that Kerri had an ArtistCEO story to tell also. They began to look at ArtistCEO as a collaboration, and set their sights on changing the world of work together by continuing to share their journeys and experiments in creating fulfilling and sustainable business and creative lives.

- end of backstory. will stop writing in 3rd person now ;) -

Now, with Season 1 of the podcast releasing a new episode every Wednesday, we’ve decided to spend some time conducting mini experiments and sharing our results in real time, week by week.

On alternating weeks, we pick a 5-day experiment around integrating our artist and professional selves, or challenging our artist or CEO in some way. One of us is always starting a new experiment and then using the week “off” to implement anything we learned about ourselves, our art, or our business in the previous week.

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On Mondays we go live on Facebook to announce the next week’s project at 12:30 Pacific/3:30 EST.

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Announcing ArtistCEO Experiments

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