Kerri Experiment #3: Free & Spontaneous Social

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Kerri checking in with my experiment recap from last week. We teased in the email that it was about my relationship to social media, but it ended up being about much more than that. Or, social media was a microcosm of how I was interacting with life…

The experiment: to share more freely and spontaneously on social media and see what happened!

Reason why? I’ve let social media become too precious and stifled. I was made to express and I’ve been holding back, thinking I should have more of a strategy or pre-written posts or something like that. 

Weekly recap:

Monday (New Year’s Eve)

I had a fairly light day with a UHP session in the morning and a few things for ArtistCEO to complete. I knew that my sharing would start closer to the new year as I had my very first solo NYE evening planned. I shared on FB and Instagram about my funky night filled with crying, reminiscing, chocolate, candles, Taylor Swift, Intention setting and maybe even a salt bath! Felt really good to share honestly in a light-hearted way. 


I shared what I was up to on January 1 and a link to sign up for a free chat around my creativity coaching. No response, a couple likes, but I know I just have to get used to putting it out there consistently so people know what I do over time and can reach out when they’re ready.

Though I did see someone post who I thought I could help. I reached out and we scheduled a call for the next week! One of the things I’m consciously doing this year is living my Human Design. In Human Design, I’m a manifestor which means I’m supposed to initiate. Things don’t necessarily come to me, but I’m responded to well when I reach out. So it was cool to see that working already!

Also - started filming some day-in-the-life videos on my phone thinking I might start making mini vlogs as a fun way to share. It started off fine, but then when I was out and about and with a friend I forgot to film at all. I pretty much decided that if I can’t share it in the moment (like insta-stories) or in reflection later (writing) then keeping up with a vlog just felt like too much. 


I shared some insta stories right after waking up about my morning matcha/coffee dance and it felt really good. I got a nice response just being me and it was fun to show a side of myself that doesn’t get seen as often. 

After a yoga class and infrared sauna (I don’t go often but I love it #2019goals) I was so relaxed and fired up/excited that I went and recorded episode 1 of The KAYLO Show, which is apparently my new podcast! I vaguely knew something like this was coming but I had made zero plans for it. All of a sudden I knew it was the right time and I was in the perfect personable silly/serious state that I want to broadcast from. Woohoo! Shared a photo of me on the mic and got a good response! Also reached out to an internet celeb I’ve been following for years to offer him a UHP session and he said yes!


Shared a few insights from UHP sessions on Facebook not long after the moment. This is helpful because UHP is hard to explain/very new and I need to keep sharing about it to get people’s curiosity peaked and so they’re comfortable with it over time. 

I also recorded my 2nd podcast when I was inspired!!


Wrote a nice short piece about how meaningful the induction of so many women and diverse women in Congress was to me and shared it. Felt so good to write from my heart and see all the women who get the same way. 

Also, recorded my 3rd podcast! 



This was one of my favorite weeks at home in recent memory and I think my experiment had something to do with it! I love expressing, I love sharing insights and I love doing it spontaneously. AND I know it’s important for my business to do so. Do I have the perfect strategy? Heck no!! But did I have a TON of fun and WAY more accomplished than if I would have tried to plan out my social and my podcast? DEFINITELY. 

Posting (and recording) often and spontaneously is what I want to lean into this year. I know all weeks won’t be quite so magical, but I know I want to keep showing up and sharing a lot more effortlessly and from my heart. 

Kerri Lowe