Shannon DeJong is a CEO. She’s also an artist. These two things are not mutually exclusive - however, they are extremely difficult to pull off. At the helm of her quickly growing San Francisco naming and branding agency, but equally passionate about performance art and acting, Shannon has been feeling like a woman divided.

Host Kerri Lowe, (an aspiring ArtistCEO herself) documents Shannon's journey as she attempts to integrate her two selves (her "artist" self and her "professional" self) in order to become one self - an ArtistCEO. Listen in to enter the mind of a newly-minted CEO doing business sans MBA...but with a background in performance art and Zen Buddhist philosophy.

Part narrative documentary, part performance art, part live-your-values kick-in-the-pants - ArtistCEO is the real story behind what it takes to make business and art play nice.



Episode 1

An ArtistCEO is someone who is multi-passionate, trying to balance both business and artistic pursuits. In ArtistCEO podcast, we follow the journey of one woman trying to make business and art live in harmony.

When host Kerri Lowe met our protagonist Shannon DeJong, she was keeping her artistic life and her business life totally separate, even going by two different names.

But the two women thought there might be another way…a way to live a more integrated life – to not have to hide art from business, or the businessperson from the artist.

In Episode 1, we meet Shannon and start to get a glimpse of her wacky, poetic, sometimes brutally honest audio diaries as she tries to live an integrated ArtistCEO life. You’ll also dive into the back story of how someone becomes an ArtistCEO in the first place.

From choosing a college major, to getting the first internship, leaving jobs, making art, traveling internationally and finally, almost by accident, starting a brand agency…


As Shannon’s business, House of Who, starts to grow, she encounters a series of disasters, money challenges and straight up failures that go along with bootstrapping.

Firing up a generator for huge client calls, getting tax structure advice, giving yourself a raise and getting thwarted by building codes, in this episode, Shannon gets real about the behind-the-scenes of making it work when you’re in the first year of scaling up.

Episode 3

Experiencing both burnout and excitement as the business keeps growing, Shannon starts to get serious about learning how to be a leader (even if that means delegating beyond her comfort zone), managing her energy and stepping up to be a true CEO.

The client jobs and the team are bigger and better than ever, but can she sustain a life that neglects her art? What’s the opportunity cost of committing to grow House of Who in this way? Is an ArtistCEO doomed to live a life of regret?

Episode 4

When Shannon takes a break from her exploding business, she realizes she has a problem. Her artist side is starving. Though she’s become better fed financially, and even fulfilled creatively, (building a business is a creative act after all) in the making art department, she’s feeling broke. How long can an ArtistCEO be only a CEO?